Arcario’s Strategic Move to OTCQB: A Game-Changer in the Crypto Landscape

  • 24. August 2023

August 24, 2023 [crocon media – msch] In a bold move that underscores its commitment to global expansion, Arcario AB has announced its decision to pursue a listing on the OTCQB, a prominent U.S. trading market. This initiative, which began in 2021, had been momentarily paused due to market dynamics. However, with the recent uptick in interest from U.S.-based investors, the company is confidently moving forward with its plans.

The financial world has been witnessing subtle yet significant shifts, and Arcario is at the heart of this transformation. The company’s portfolio has garnered considerable attention, signaling a promising future, especially as we edge closer to 2024. Michael Jackson, Chairman of the Board, emphasized the company’s long-term vision, stating that while the broader market is still recalibrating, Arcario remains bullish, making strategic investments with a focus on the bigger picture.

Europe’s rise as a crypto powerhouse cannot be ignored. With its expertise, Arcario is uniquely positioned to support emerging Web3 enterprises, ensuring they capitalize on opportunities before market dynamics shift. The company’s active involvement in shaping the Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) within the EU is a testament to its proactive approach to not just adapt but define market trends.

Jackson further highlighted the strategic nature of their decision to pause the OTCQB listing earlier. He believes that the current market conditions present a golden opportunity for discerning investors. As the financial landscape evolves, companies with astute strategies, like Arcario, are poised to thrive. The company’s anticipated presence on the OTCQB in 2023 aims to enhance accessibility for U.S.-based investors, allowing them to trade Arcario’s shares conveniently.

To meet the OTCQB’s share price requirements, Arcario’s Board is considering a consolidation of shares through a reverse stock split, pending approval from an upcoming extraordinary general meeting.

In preparation for this expansion, Arcario has engaged in financing discussions with various stakeholders. Notably, the company has received a long-term financing offer from key shareholders, which is under the Board’s evaluation.

In a series of announcements that have captivated the financial world, Arcario, under the leadership of Chair Michael Jackson and CEO Torbjørn Bull Jenssen, has unveiled a series of transformative decisions and partnerships that signal a new era for the company and its associated entities.

The second quarter of 2023 has been nothing short of transformative for Arcario. The company’s strategic restructuring has paved the way for a leaner, more agile operational model. This streamlined approach, coupled with the company’s unwavering commitment to nurturing its portfolio companies, has positioned Arcario for significant revenue growth in 2024.

A notable highlight from the recent announcements is the escalating interest from the U.S. market in Arcario and its portfolio companies. This burgeoning interest is not just a testament to Arcario’s growth potential but also a reflection of the broader institutional shifts in the crypto market. Despite the apparent stagnation in Q2’s trading activity, the undercurrents suggest significant institutional changes that bode well for the future of digital assets and wealth management.

K33, a standout entity under Arcario’s umbrella, has been at the forefront of this evolution. With a razor-sharp focus on digital assets wealth management, K33 has not only secured an external investment from the Chicago-based tradetech company, Liquid Mercury, but has also expanded its platform, introducing K33 Markets.

The series of events during Q2 2023 further underscore Arcario’s growth trajectory. From the global launch of the K33 Platform and the all-time high trading volumes reported by LN Markets to strategic partnerships with entities like Nomura-backed ClearToken and COWA, Arcario is setting the stage for a new era of Web3 innovations.

Post-Q2, Arcario’s momentum shows no signs of slowing down. The acquisition of shares in Finpeers, the continued robust performance of LN Markets, and the regulatory approval for Finpeers’ first-ever token are just a few of the milestones that have solidified Arcario’s position in the market. Furthermore, the company’s decision to resume its application for OTCQB listing in the United States is a strategic move to expand its global reach and diversify its shareholder base.

In conclusion, Arcario’s recent announcements paint a picture of a company that is not only adapting to the changing landscape of the crypto market but is also leading the charge. With a clear vision, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to innovation, Arcario is poised to redefine the future of digital assets and wealth management.

As Arcario continues its journey, stakeholders can expect timely updates on the application process. For more information, interested parties can reach out to Arcario’s dedicated IR team.

About Arcario:
A pioneer in the digital asset domain, Arcario is redefining the future of finance. With a diverse portfolio that includes trailblazing entities like K33, Green Data, LN Markets, Pure Digital, and Finpeers, Arcario is making waves in the crypto world. The company is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market, with Mangold Fondkommission as its Certified Adviser.

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