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Crocon Media has not only established itself as a leader in the realm of Mixed Reality Omnichannel Providers but has also evolved into one of the top-notch technology news sources in the industry.

With the profound expertise of the entrepreneurs and technology managers steering the helm, our articles set the benchmark for tech insights. We are not just about delivering technology; we are about defining its future.

At Crocon Media, our core strength lies in offering comprehensive solutions tailored for investor relations and brand promotion. Our seasoned team is unwaveringly committed to ensuring our clients’ success, achieved through strategic planning, bespoke programs, and avant-garde methodologies.

The year 2020 was a significant milestone for us as Crocon Media transitioned into a project of The SiLLC Assembly, heralding its metamorphosis into a Mixed Reality Omnichannel Provider. Our journey began in 2001, initiated by internet pioneers, and took on the identity of Crocon Media in 2006. By June of that year, The SiLLC Group had acquired all outstanding stakes, and by May 2014, all assets were transferred to Barefoot Consulting S.A.

Being at the vanguard of the digital realm, we pride ourselves on creating groundbreaking solutions that bridge people, locales, and experiences. Our prowess in mixed reality is revolutionizing interactions, offering immersive, multi-sensory engagements that redefine conventional boundaries.

Our omnichannel strategy emphasizes delivering fluid experiences across diverse channels, ensuring businesses remain connected with their clientele anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Our expansive service range, from virtual and augmented reality to mobile and web applications, is designed to bolster business aspirations and catalyze growth.

With a legacy spanning over 15 years, we have crafted online applications that seamlessly function across desktops and web platforms. Our browser-agnostic applications have been instrumental in various internet ecosystems, ensuring a uniform user experience across diverse browsers. The QisNU platform, with its staggering 120 million installations, set new benchmarks in accessibility and convenience, becoming an indispensable tool for enterprises and media conglomerates.

Today, our vision is clear – to sculpt the future of digital services and mixed reality platforms, enabling businesses to realize their zenith. Our unwavering emphasis on innovation propels us to develop avant-garde technologies that amplify user engagement and catalyze business triumphs.

Beyond our technological advancements, we are dedicated to keeping our clientele abreast with the latest in digital services and mixed reality. Our commitment to staying updated with emerging trends ensures our clients are equipped with the insights required to outpace competitors in this dynamic business environment.

We Know It. We Do It. We Are Crocon Media.

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