Arcario AB’s Annual Report 2022: Strategically Navigating a Choppy Crypto Sea but Sailing in Troubled Financial Waters

  • 20. May 2023

May 19, 2023 [crocon media – mschro, msch] Global financial markets and crypto industry watchers have been eager to delve into the annual reports of major fintech companies to better understand the trajectory of the sector amidst a tumultuous year. One such report that has caught our attention is from the Nasdaq First North Growth Market listed Arcario AB, a digital asset management and Bitcoin mining company.

Arcario AB: A Silver Lining Amidst the Clouds

Arcario AB, despite the tumultuous market conditions in 2022, had a few key wins worth celebrating. Their decision to merge Kaupang Krypot, Arcane Assets, and Arcane Research under the common K33 name was a strategic move towards offering an integrated platform for users to learn, trade, and invest in digital assets. This unification signifies the company’s focus on streamlining their operations and user experience.

Furthermore, their partnership with Bloomberg marked a significant milestone for the company. With K33’s research now available to a staggering 325,000 Bloomberg terminal users, Arcario has significantly broadened its global reach.

On the Right Course but Not Without Challenges

Arcario’s successful capital raise of 15,212 kSEK through the issuance of new shares during a turbulent year signifies the continued investor confidence in the company. This, coupled with their strategic decision to relocate Bitcoin mining operations to Northern Norway in response to high energy prices, showcases their adaptability and forward thinking.

The company also demonstrated a strong ability to diversify risks and tap into different market opportunities through their minority stakes in Puremarkets Ltd and ITOAM Sarl (LN Markets). However, the divestiture of 100% of shares in Ijort Invest AB (Trijo) and Arcario’s vast ownership structure have presented their own unique set of challenges.

Financial Headwinds: Arcario AB’s Impending Storm

Arcario’s 2022 journey was not all smooth sailing. The significant decrease in BTC trading volume, coupled with lower crypto currency prices during the year, had a detrimental impact on K33 Markets (Kaupang Krypto). This caused a sharp drop in trading volumes from 2021 to 2022, which subsequently led to a decrease in the group’s revenue.

Moreover, although Arcario managed to narrow its net loss from -163,440 kSEK to -94,201 kSEK, the persistent negative earnings could make raising additional external capital more difficult, casting a shadow over the company’s future prospects.

Rough Seas Ahead?

Despite showing resilience in 2022, Arcario AB seems to be navigating through troubled financial waters. The substantial drop in equity from 148,949 kSEK the previous year to 71,240 kSEK by the end of 2022, coupled with the admission of significant uncertainty in the company’s ability to continue operating without securing long-term funding, raises substantial concerns about the company’s financial health.

As the company actively seeks to secure long-term funding, potential investors, stakeholders, and market watchers will closely monitor how Arcario AB weathers these stormy financial seas.

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