Kontron AG Amplifies Market Position with Katek SE Acquisition, Eyeing Growth in Renewable Energy and IoT

  • 18. January 2024

January 18, 2024 [crocon media – msch] Kontron AG (Ticker Frankfurt/Xetra: KTN), a key player in the technology market, has taken a significant step towards expanding its portfolio and market presence by acquiring approximately 60% of the shares in KATEK SE. This move, executed through its subsidiary Kontron Acquisition GmbH, represents a strategic pivot towards renewable energy solutions and the aerospace segment, aligning with the growing global emphasis on clean energy and technological innovation.

The acquisition of Katek SE, a leading European electronics company specializing in solar energy and e-mobility, is a testament to Kontron’s commitment to diversifying its offerings. Katek’s expertise in control electronics for photovoltaic systems and intelligent charging solutions for electric vehicles complements Kontron’s existing portfolio, positioning the company at the forefront of the renewable energy technology sector.

Kontron plans to integrate its software expertise and IoT connectivity with Katek’s products, aiming to enhance their functionality and market appeal. This integration is expected to improve Katek’s gross margin by around 5% in the medium term and bring its solutions into the IoT world. The merger expands Kontron’s “Software + Solutions” segment to include the “GreenTec” division, marking a significant step in Kontron’s journey towards becoming a leading IoT provider.

The acquisition is anticipated to contribute significantly to Kontron’s growth, with the company revising its guidance for 2024 and 2025 upwards. The inclusion of Katek’s business is expected to boost consolidated revenue to at least EUR 1.9 billion and net profit to around EUR 100 million. This financial uplift reflects Kontron’s strategic foresight in tapping into the lucrative and promising market of renewable energy.

Kontron AG’s acquisition of Katek SE is more than a mere expansion of its business portfolio; it is a strategic move into a new market dimension. With this acquisition, Kontron is not only enhancing its capabilities in renewable energy but also solidifying its position as a technology innovator in the IoT space. The company’s proactive approach to embracing clean energy solutions and IoT connectivity heralds a new era of growth and technological advancement.

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