FuelPositive Revolutionizes the Ammonia Industry with Green Ammonia Production System

  • 13. June 2023

June 13, 2023 [crocon media – dgoldsmith, msch] FuelPositive Corporation (TSXV: NHHH | OTCQB: NHHHF) is spearheading a revolutionary change in the ammonia industry with its innovative green ammonia production system. This Canadian company has developed a system that produces ‘green ammonia,’ a cleaner alternative to traditional ‘grey ammonia’ that is harmful to the environment. By utilizing emissions-free energy sources such as hydro, solar, or wind, FuelPositive’s solution offers a sustainable and eco-friendly method of ammonia production.

Ammonia, widely used as a fertilizer, is one of the most produced chemicals globally, with an annual consumption of 200 million tonnes. However, the conventional production methods result in significant greenhouse gas emissions. FuelPositive recognizes the urgency of addressing this issue, stating that for every metric tonne of traditional ammonia produced, nearly three metric tonnes of greenhouse gases are emitted.

The adoption of green ammonia in the agricultural industry, which accounts for 80% of ammonia usage, holds tremendous potential for mitigating climate change. By utilizing FuelPositive’s green ammonia production system, farmers can not only produce their own ammonia fertilizer but also generate fuel for their vehicles and machinery. This presents an opportunity for significant emissions reduction and enhanced sustainability in the agricultural sector.

FuelPositive’s onsite, containerized production system efficiently converts air, water, and sustainable electricity into green ammonia. The process incorporates an electrolyzer to produce hydrogen from water, a nitrogen generator to extract nitrogen from air, and a patent-pending ammonia synthesis converter to produce green ammonia. The use of green energy sources further enhances the environmental benefits of the system.

With a sustainable source of green electricity, FuelPositive’s production system can operate 24/7 at any location. The company’s transportable systems, designed using shipping container configurations, can be easily set up on-site, providing flexibility and convenience.

While the base price of a system is C$950,000, it can be customized to meet specific requirements. Operating costs are estimated to be around $560/tonne, depending on electricity prices, offering a favorable comparison to grey ammonia prices.

FuelPositive recently achieved a significant milestone with the final commissioning and optimization of its FP300 system, which is now farm-ready. Additionally, the company unveiled its latest model, the FP1500, a turnkey solution comprising a stack of FP300 systems that can produce 1,500 kg of green ammonia per day. FuelPositive has already secured pre-sales capacity for 30 units and plans to commence delivery of commercial systems in 2024. The company’s progress is expected to generate revenue and profits within the first year of commercial production.

In a recent development, FuelPositive successfully raised $7.5 million in funding, demonstrating the industry’s confidence in the company’s pioneering green ammonia technology and decentralized business model. The net proceeds from this financing will further solidify FuelPositive’s leadership position in the sustainable and green ammonia industry.

The transition to green ammonia is a logical step forward, particularly in the chemicals sector, where traditional ammonia production methods contribute to significant emissions. By embracing FuelPositive’s green ammonia production system, the agricultural sector can reduce operating expenses while making substantial environmental contributions. This presents a win-win scenario for farmers and the planet.



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