Finpeers and Arcario Form Strategic Partnership to Drive Democratization of Private Equity Market

  • 16. June 2023

June 16, 2023 [crocon media – mschro , msch] In a significant move towards revolutionizing the private equity market, Swiss fintech firm Finpeers and Scandinavian web3 venture builder Arcario have announced a strategic investment agreement. This partnership aims to foster the democratization of private equity access through the utilization of tokenization and cutting-edge financial technology.

Under the terms of the agreement, Arcario will initially acquire a 3% stake in Finpeers, with the option to increase its stake by an additional 3%. This investment showcases the breadth of Arcario’s diverse portfolio, which already includes industry leaders in various sectors. By joining forces, Finpeers and Arcario aim to expand the scope of their offerings and enhance investment opportunities within the digital asset industry.

Sander Andersen, Founder and CEO of Finpeers, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating that Arcario’s expertise and extensive network in the digital asset space will strengthen Finpeers’ mission to provide innovative and unparalleled tokenization investment opportunities. The partnership with Arcario is seen as a catalyst for growth and an opportunity to leverage their insights for mutual benefit.

Michael Jackson, Chairman of Arcario, echoed Andersen’s sentiments, emphasizing the transformative potential of tokenization in traditional asset classes. He views the investment in Finpeers as a crucial step in advancing the adoption of web3 technology, underscoring their commitment to financial innovation and inclusivity within the sector. Jackson believes that the strategic partnership will not only enrich their portfolio but also deepen their dedication to driving innovation in the financial industry.

It’s important to note that the finalization of the agreement is contingent upon a satisfactory due diligence review of Finpeers by Arcario. This demonstrates Arcario’s commitment to thorough analysis and financial innovation. The partnership sets the stage for a future where individuals from diverse backgrounds can participate in potentially lucrative private equity deals.

As the financial landscape undergoes rapid evolution, the alliance between Finpeers and Arcario signifies their shared commitment to democratizing access to the private equity market. By leveraging the power of tokenization and harnessing the potential of web3 technology, they aim to reshape the future of finance, enabling a broader range of investors to engage in private market opportunities.

About Arcario, the community-powered web3 venture builder, it originates from Scandinavian roots and aims to shape the future of finance by empowering web3 innovators. As a publicly listed company on Nasdaq First North Growth Market, Arcario’s mission is to foster diversification, innovation, and inclusivity within the financial sector.

Finpeers, on the other hand, is a Swiss-based fintech company that leverages tokenization to democratize the private financial market. By building a global digital community for private market investors, Finpeers empowers high-net-worth individuals to access unique deal flow and knowledge through tokenized co-investment vehicles.

Together, Finpeers and Arcario are poised to drive the democratization of the private equity market, offering new opportunities for investors and reshaping the future of finance through their innovative approach to tokenization and financial technology.

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