Arcario’s Pure Digital Partners with ClearToken for Digital Asset Market Development

  • 3. May 2023

May 3, 2023 [crocon media – msch] – London, Arcario’s Pure Digital announces a partnership with ClearToken to facilitate integration with the centralized clearing house system. Pure Digital has secured an additional tier-one investment bank to join the existing Letters of Intent (LOIs) obtained from six other major investment banks, including State Street and BNY Mellon. This provides a reliable and efficient trading ecosystem for financial institutions to launch a digital assets interbank market. The agreement with ClearToken will streamline the entry into the digital asset market for top-tier banks, enabling the wholesale adoption of digital assets by providing robust, well-governed, and appropriately regulated financial market infrastructure. The consortium of banks will serve as liquidity providers, custodians, and clearers, while Pure Digital, with the support of its team of experts with backgrounds in top-tier banks, will leverage its previous successes in delivering a similar platform for the foreign exchange market. Michael Jackson, Chairman of the board at Arcario, remarked that he is confident that the collaboration will enhance the Pure Digital platform and encourage wider adoption of digital assets by institutional investors.

Overall, the announcement highlights the company’s growing market presence and efforts to create a reliable and efficient trading ecosystem for financial institutions. As more major investment banks join the platform, Pure Digital’s offering strengthens, positioning the company as a leader in the interbank marketplace for digital assets. The partnership with ClearToken is a significant step forward, enabling integration with their centralized clearing house system, which will simplify the entry of top-tier banks into the digital asset market. The news is likely to generate optimism among investors, particularly in the digital asset space, and has the potential to increase demand for the stock of companies involved in digital asset trading.

Read the original press release here.


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